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Christmas Present

Although I will be in the office tomorrow this will probably be the last post for this calendar year and not I'm afraid full of Christmas cheer. Councils up and down the country received their provisional grant settlement late yesterday afternoon. The Treasurer and his staff now have a big task to work through all the figures, both to check the accuracy of the data used in the grant formula and also to understand exactly what the financial impact is on the city's coffers. However the headlines are pretty clear. Manchester faces another enormous cut over the next two years. Yet again the most deprived areas face the biggest cuts whilst some more affluent areas including, according to the press, the local authority containing the Prime Minister's own constituency, actually appear to gain.

Yesterday also included the last Council Executive of the year. The agenda is as usual on the Council website and there was at least some cheer there. Draft masterplans for the Medipark and Wythenshawe Town Centre parts of the Airport City Enterprise Zone were on the agenda and there is real potential for serious job growth over the next few years. The Ordsall Chord, a key part of unlocking the Manchester, now Northern, Hub was also considered. The current solution here is not ideal, but that is partly a result of the difficulties in introducing major new infrastructure in the heart of a densely developed city. If the proposals can be refined that would be great but overall this proposal is of such importance to not just Manchester but the whole of the North it has to be supported. One final mention goes to a report taking us a bit further forward on how the Council, Manchester Schools, and other stakeholders work together to make sure our young people are ready for Christmas future. Recent reports show that results in our schools have continued to improve and are now pretty much on a par with neighbouring areas. That's good news but we can and must still improve further.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Cue the lets cut those fat cats in the Town Hall statements in the MEN.

    Just wait till its your mother or parent who can't get help from social services when you want it.
    Local Government could show Central Government a thing or two about Value for Money and doing more for less.
    When will people realize that these cuts are being made not against MCC but those people that actually require help from Social Services.
    Who will be the first to scream if some children or elderly people are abused and there were not enough social workers to look after them.
    If we keep this government in power in another 2 years we'll be looking at further cuts. These central Government people want to do away with the public sector and get their mates in private companies in and we all know how well these people run care homes don't we.

  2. Ian Says:

    Are these cuts cause the country is short of money but we can still spend £17 Billion on wars no one wanted.

  3. James Says:

    Yes enormous cuts just not to senior staff pay.

  4. i love jack russels Says:

    Well said Dave.



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