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Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Started writing this yesterday morning. Then it was to have been a return to the theme of why even in these difficult times the Council continues to invest in arts, culture and events. This was motivated by a short speech to a NESTA and Arts Council sponsored conference on art and digital and then a later conversation with Harriet Harman wearing her shadow DCMS hat sandwiched around attendance at the Council's Economy Scrutiny Committee.

The answer to the question is of course jobs - jobs in the arts, making Manchester a more attractive place to work, live and invest, and developing creativity in our population. This sort of investment can often bring controversy but it's not the only area of economic development that can arouse the ire of the Tax Payers Alliance and other ill-informed critics.

Yesterday afternoon was the monthly meeting of the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership). All the interesting stuff was in the private part of the meeting though with the exception of one item on creating a new textile industry, I'm not really sure why it was private. Certainly wouldn't have passed City Council tests to be treated as confidential.

One item was about world-class science in Manchester and there is a fair bit, all with potential for business and job creation. Another, and this is where controversy might come in, was around internationalisation. How do we increase the number of Manchester companies trading internationally, how do we build on a very good track record of inward investment and how do we support foreign owned companies to grow in the city.

In a global economy all of this is vital to a successful future for the city but delivering an international strategy is a bit difficult without actually visiting other countries. What an outrageous idea!

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There are 4 responses to “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”

  1. Mancfella Says:

    How about this for an outrageous idea, 1st invest in your local people. For example don't close down Northfields Day Centre for adults with learning difficulties and thereby forcing parents to give up JOBS and stay at home to look after the service users. Or is that to down to earth for you 'Leader' and not arty etc.

  2. That joke isn't funny anymore Says:

    Its heartening that you refer to the "arts" and creative issues so often in your blogs,Sir Richard-but can you explain why MCC is one of the only councils in the GM area apparently not directly involved in the MusicHub?And can you explain how you are planning to support the next generation of musicians in Manchester,rather than constantly referring to former glories?I'm aware how savage the cuts from the ConDems have been...but I wonder if the alleged 400k spent on American superstars and their entourage would've been at least partly better placed in providing opportunities for the young people that are trying to put Manchester back on todays musical map?

  3. Fairfax Says:

    I think it is bordering on being libel stating that the Tax Payers Alliance are ill-informed. Just because they have a view that is different to yours, does not make them ill informed

  4. Richard Leese Says:

    @that joke isn't funny anymore. The Manchester MusicHub is up and running but is separate to the one covering the rest of Greater Manchester however like with everything else, the Government is heavily cutting the money available over the next two years



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