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  1. Eric P Says:

    Thank you, Sir Richard. Complaining about fairness then giving an employee a 20% pay rise! This will go down well at the May elections. Thanks again.

  2. Dan Says:

    Re Eric P.
    Yes, the people of Manchester are far more likely to focus on a 20% pay rise (that you haven't provided details of and that nobody else seems to know anything about) for one person, than the scandalous cuts. You have your finger firmly on the pulse there.

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    @Eric P. The post concerned is that of the Coroner who is not actually a Council employee. However, regarding the salary increase he has a bigger case load than other Greater Manchester Coroners, does more out-of-hours work and was paid considerably less

  4. Eric P Says:

    I know the details, Richard, it dosent look good against a backdrop of cuts in services and 850 job loses. Hardly fair for employees who have had a pay freeze for two years.

    BTW, I'm not Eric Pickles - I was being sarcastic but he will bring this example up if you complain about the fairness of the councils budget.

  5. Alfiemoon Says:

    Eric P
    Two year pay freeze? Add another three years!

  6. brian collins Says:

    this is not at all fair in the least



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