And now for something a bit more harmonious

I don't usually do two posts in one day but thought I would keep what is a good news story separate from the gloom of benefit cuts. I'm not a historian so I'm not going to make claims to know exactly where the industrial revolution started. I do know that the Castlefield Basin, the Bridgewater Canal and Ancoats all played a significant part in that early history. Ancoats, between Redvale Street and Oldham Road, has a number of major buildings that are part of that heritage- from the magnificent mill buildings, the oldest dating back to the eighteenth century through to the city's earliest Council housing at Victoria Square and Anita and George Leigh Streets.

The attempted restoration and regeneration of this incredible area began in the nineteen nineties with the Ancoats Building Preservation Trust and the Ancoats Urban Village Company. Progress has been slow but progress there has been. Yesterday saw one very important piece of progress when the Halle Orchestra invited guests into their " new " rehearsal space in the former St.Peter's Church. Saving this beautiful building was an early Ancoats Urban Village project but it has taken a long time to find a suitable use for it. The restored mid-nineteenth century building, a relic of the time when fifty thousand people lived in Ancoats, looks lovely, and now will be the home to beautiful music.

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