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Myths and Legends

Back to the benefit system and a presentation I was at by Trafford Councillor Anne Duffield on the recent " reforms ". Anne had collected research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and other reputable organisations which really expose many of the myths that underpin the unpopularity of the present system. Here are just a few:

Myth1. There's lots of fraud in the system.

Reality. For 2011/12 it was estimated that just 0.8% of the total benefits expenditure was overpaid as a result of fraud

Myth2. The unemployed get most of the benefit bill.

Reality. 3% of the total benefit bill goes on unemployment benefits. ( 40% goes to pensioners )

Myth3. The welfare changes will only affect people that aren't working.

Reality. Of the country's 14.1 million working age households with someone in work, 7million will lose an average of �165 pw

Myth4. The UK benefit system is too generous

Reality. The UK spends about the same as the EU average on unemployment and disability related benefits but 12% less per head than France and 81% less than Germany.

The Benefit system did and does need to reform. The Coalition Government's approach isn't the way to do it.

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