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Today is a typical day spent completely in the Town Hall with a series of back-to-back meetings about community issues, building relationships with other partner organisations and authorities.

At 8.30 I met up with people in charge of adult social care policies and at 9.30 it's onto business with Manchester International Airport.  At 11am there's the regular meeting that I and our Chief Executive Howard Bernstein have with the Leader and Chief Executive of Salford City Council talking amongst other things about progress on the Irwell River Park, development of the Victoria / Exchange Station area of the city centre, and the Manchester / Salford Housing Market Renewal pathfinder.

During a short pause between meetings I'm told of a demonstration at Manchester Airport where protestors have chained themselves together to delay passengers at one of the terminals. We aim to make Manchester the UK's greenest city but we won't do that by undermining the region's economic development. Barricading the airport is a childish infringement of the rights of passengers and does nothing to develop sustainable aviation policies.

At 1pm, I meet up with the other officers of the Labour Group on the city council than at 2.30 with the chair of the police authority. Then I have time to deal with a backlog of emails, correspondence and other paper work before another political meeting, the Labour Group's Executive Committee, in the evening. Not a glamorous day but a lot of work has been got through.

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