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A report back from my meeting with the man from the ministry. A lot happening this week. Council on Wednesday, Core Cities Cabinet in Manchester Thursday, over to St.Helens for the Regional Leaders Board today, and the sun shining on the magnificent 4th Manchester International Festival everyday of this week ( and hopefully next after which I won't mind a bit of rain as long as it's gone in time for the Old Trafford Ashes Test ). However I'm going to go back to Tuesday, not for more train stuff but for a bit of food, farming and fishing.

Not a big issue around here you might think but 25% of the Manchester city-region land area is classified as rural, and not so long ago much more of our food was produced locally. I've blogged about the GM low-carbon hub before, something which arose out of last year's city-deal with the government. We already have a memorandum of understanding ( MoU ) with Decc, the department of energy and climate change, and Tuesday afternoon I went to Defra, the department for environment, food and rural affairs to meet Minister Lord de Mauley and sign an MoU with Defra. The MoU is a committment to work together on amongst other things the National Adaptation programme i.e the government's plan to deal with the consequences of climate change, on managing flood risk, community renewable energy eg hydro in rural areas of the conurbation, on air quality, increasing re-cycling from commercial premises, and to establish demonstrator projects on sustainable production and consumption of food in Greater Manchester.

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  1. Mike Says:

    No ones interested in a "lord" or a "sir" you need to look at the bigger picture "sir" and look at what your knighthood means .. For me it means you've sold socialist views for a personal award. Shame on you.

  2. Mike is harsh Says:

    Mike - a bit harsh no!! seems a little under the belt to say such things, shame on you!



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