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Guest Blog by Cllr. Rosa Battle

Richard is away so he has asked me to cover his blog so here are a few of the things I have been up to this week.

On Saturday I took my family along to the Caribbean Carnival. Over 25,000 people attended this fantastic community event. The atmosphere was amazing and for the most part, the weather was pretty good too so well done to everyone involved in making it a success. The Carnival this year was held in Platt Fields Park as its usual home Alexandra Park is currently undergoing a £5.5 million transformation and when finished next year, we will see new sports facilities, the pavilion restored and physical improvements to the landscape.

Sticking with parks on Thursday I attended an initial meeting with some of the Manchester’s parks 'Friends of….Groups' to discuss ideas and plans for introducing the ‘Manchester Standard'. The 'Manchester Standard' will be a way of making sure that all Manchester parks are maintained to an agreed standard and are vibrant and safe places to be. Manchester has 135 parks across the city which can be used for free by all Manchester residents and visitors. At the meeting I met many dedicated volunteers who put time, effort and resources into their parks. These people are real Manchester heroes and deserve our thanks and recognition for all the hard work they put in throughout the year.

Finally my week ended with a breastfeeding flash mob at the Manchester Aquatics Centre. As a mum of a 6 month old I was angered to hear that earlier this week a woman was asked to stop feeding her baby while using the pool. It is a parent’s choice how they decide to feed their child but whatever they choose, a woman should never be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed to be breastfeeding in public. We encourage mothers to use our leisure facilities and they have every right to breastfeed their babies when they need to do so, in line with existing legislation. The woman involved has now received an apology and we have also asked that the Aquatic Centre review their existing policies, to make sure that they reflect the law.

So that’s my week in 400 words. Have a great weekend and normal service will be resumed next week when Richard gets back.


There are 4 responses to “Guest Blog by Cllr. Rosa Battle”

  1. Sharon Davies Says:

    Intresting report, but I disagree with your statement about the breast feeding, I breast fed both of my children, but I would never have fed them in a public baths. Not because of the embaressment but for hygine reasons, you would never bring a bottle full of milk into a pool, swimm around with it in the pool then stick the teat in the baby's mouth, surely??
    I'm all for breast is best, but in a public bath . . . yuck

  2. Tony Says:

    Just be careful not to feed babies in the cafe - George Osbourne would charge you VAT !

  3. Joe Says:

    As a dad of a 2 year old and a 7 month old I fully agree with breast feeding and I fully agree that mothers should never be made to feel embarrassed by this but as a trained lifeguard (my partner is also a employed as a lifeguard and breast fed both of our kids) I fully support the aquatics centres policy. It is against hygiene rules to eat or drink in the pool in the same way you wouldn’t have a sandwich or a cup of tea in the pool. There are areas in the centre where you can breast feed that can be walked to from poolside in less than a minute and feeding in the pool is just lazy on the mother’s part and unhygienic for the mother, child and other patrons and I hope the pool sticks with their policy and that set out by national guidelines.

  4. Helen Says:

    It is against the rules to eat or drink in the water in a public baths so how can breast feeding be any different, next time someone wants to eat in the water, how can you say no without it being discrimination. I would not want to swim in the water when someone was, or had been breastfeeding,(and I am a mum of two and grandmother of three).



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