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A Little Piece of History

But one that's not likely to be much remembered unless something comes out of it.

 Wednesday saw the first ever meeting between London Councils, the Mayor of London, and the Core Cities Cabinet. Together they represent well over half the UK economy and a bigger proportion of the potential for sustainable, job-creating growth. The discussion centred around the recent report of the London Finance Commission, a report which explicitly states that its recommendations are equally applicable to the English city-regions, and we now have officials from London and the Core Cities working on how we can join together to get a fair financial English devolution settlement that will help as all achieve our economic potential.

Staying with the important sustainable bit of economic growth. Today the Town Hall hosts the British Energy Challenge, open to the public, with over forty organisations taking part in an exhibition in the Great Hall. The challenge; to reduce energy usage, to transmit and distribute energy more efficiently, and to eliminate dependency on fossil fuels ( and that includes fracking ) and replace with low/no carbon energy. There is a lot happening in Greater Manchester involving amongst other things wind power, air source heat pumps, using our industrial age weirs for hydro-electricity, heat networks, geo-thermal, ground heat, solar but we need to do more and we need to do it faster.

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  1. interested manc Says:

    I've been wondering when fracking might enter into the blog, as much of the activity will be happening on Manchester's doorstep around East Lanacshire.

    For me, I'm sceptical in the extreme about a large scale expansion into fracking when the intelligence regarding the harmful medium to long term impacts is either sketchy and untested, or shrouded in political spin with those with the most to gain taking the lead.

    What bothers me most, however, about fracking is that to pursue it as a new cure-all that bolsters our energy needs is to totally miss the point. If we are to reduce our dependency of carbons, then finding a new way to continue our reliance is bizarre. Surely, our focus should be on strategies for reducing our dependence and expand them to a point where they have relevance to the bigger picture. The issue isn't whether we can or can't meet our energy needs by wholescale fracking; it's how we can justify continuing to dance with environmental disaster rather than facing up to the reality of what we are doing to our planet.

  2. franky Says:

    Note that the Geen MP was arrested at the fracking protest. Where was the local MP? I'll bet they would'nt dare frack behind the PM's house.

  3. Ian Says:

    Thats what i like to hear loads of talk about sustanable energy?
    But please finish the conversation that without the massive tax payer subsidy there would'nt be any wind sea farms.
    Of course getting new ones anywhere near the liberial nimbys is one for the planners.
    What I hear call the time is sustanible this sustanible that but nothing towards helping the 1 million homes that can't aford any heating this winter. How does raising a wind farm help theses people, to pay the bills.
    Do you lot really believe really that sustanible energy will allow cheaper bills.
    Waken up and smell the coffee please.



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