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Innovation and investment

There's full council today in the Town Hall - 96 councillors engaging in hours of debate.

You've seen the national version on television from the House of Commons but no media moguls are knocking on our door yet to broadcast Manchester's proceedings. It ought to be straightforward to rig up a webcast so I'd like to hear from anyone interested in watching.

Later a very useful discussion with partners about innovation, investment and invention. Because Manchester is renowned for its creativity, we are working together with organisations like Manchester:Knowledge Capital and NESTA to encourage new projects that will boost our economy and support jobs. Look at our proud history.... the city region where the first test-tube baby is born in 1978, where Bevin met the first NHS patient in 1948, where the world's first stored programme computer was created in 1948 and, going back even further, where John Dalton presented his atomic theory in 1805. However it's the firsts of the future not the past which will help us grow our city's economy which is why It's important for us to continue encouraging these pinnacle projects. With the support of NESTA and the North West Development Agency we're setting up a £9 million fund to inspire, challenge and support people to emulate Manchester's entrepreneurial past and to drive its future.

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts is the largest single endowment in the UK exclusively devoted to innovation and is providing £3 million to start this off so a big thanks to them. To find out more go to the Manchester:Knowledge Capital website. We're confident and we've got the ambition to deliver a better quality of life for everyone who lives, works and studies here so watch this space.

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