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More Misery

This blog is hardly the place to turn to for a good laugh but then nor would the average agenda for the Health and Well-being Board.

The Board met yesterday and before I get into the main theme let me say that at least as far as Manchester is concerned, the Health and Well-being Board so far has been a good thing, has provided a focus for important and innovative co-operative work between GPs, hospitals and the Council, and is a very rare beast, a government reform that actually has some use.

Budget prospects for the City Council from 2015/6 on have already been widely reported on and are bleak indeed with yet again enormous cuts and a redistribution of resources to more affluent areas.  But the same might be true for other public services as well, including health. Our health services are already creaking under the strain of funding not keeping up with increased demand and the cost of improved treatments.  A report at yesterday's H&WB detailed a consultation that NHS England are carrying out on a possible new funding formula that would see millions taken away from the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Manchester with the cash going to less needy parts of the country.  It's not a done deal yet, flies in the face of government policy about tackling health inequalities and we have to do all we can to stop another act of monumental unfairness being heaped on our city.


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  1. i love jack russels Says:

    Depressing to read that they may be pulling the same stunt on health as they have done yet again with LA funding - i.e. an underhanded, strategic and massive shift of funding cut from big northern labour authorities with high levels of deprivation to provide increases in funding for their southern heartland areas, safe in the knowledge that this will not damange their vote. Gerrymandering is the word for this practice. This is a truly undemocratic government -undemocratic because they were not elected/have no mandate for what they are doing. Undemocratic because they are cynically labelling, vilifying and demonising groups within their own country to justify their vile ideological agenda of cuts and inequality. Undemocratic in their 'divide and conquer' mentality setting public against private, unemployed against the poor employed, middle earners against lower earners and unemployed, healthy against sick or disabled, etc etc - leading to a race to the bottom for all of us in terms of employment practices, wages, civil rights, quality of life, etc. Sir Richard - please fight hard against this latest round of unfair cuts to LA funding - publicise it, communicate it, appeal it, challenge it- whatever it takes. Most people in the country don't have knowledge of LA funding and what is happening to Manchester and other places. The unfairness and the cynicism behind it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

  2. Ian Says:

    i love jack russels Says:

    Its strange your cry of unfair now when the right Honourable Mr Cameran/Osbourne won the first past the post election if i remember correctly.
    Did'nt hear you shout when Tony Blair emptyed millions of pounds in to Labour heartlands.

    Its what they all do, why would'nt you.
    There is no use crying about the cuts as

    Mr Pickles has said you have more chance of living on the moon than get any increase's for LA's

  3. noodles Says:

    re: Ian
    Your memory isn't as good as you think. Cameron / Osborne only 'won' the election with the help of the Lib Dems. Only receiving 36% of the vote.

  4. franky Says:

    Maybe I am naive, but I always believed that governments would improve things for the voters. This government is doing the exact opposite

  5. Ian Says:

    noodles Says

    My memory is fine and there was no way the Labour Party would have joined with the Lib dems considering they got beaten by the biggist % in years and do tell how much % of the vote Labour got.
    Since we are in the period of were no party will win a landslide we of course will get pacts between the parties and better for it.
    TBH Labour have done nothing to brove that they can win, they are still not trusted over the economy and thats what wins elections.

  6. i love jack russels Says:

    So you would trust the economy more with the party that was screaming for virtually no regulation on banks throughout the last labour government ? You would trust the economy more with the party who when last in power destroyed heavy engineering (mines, shipbuilding, steel making) and manufacturing of goods in the 80’s until it represented a smaller percentage of the country’s GDP than any other European country ? Investing in these industries is why countries like Germany are doing ok in terms of employment and standards of living. You would trust that same government who in the 80’s sold off great swathes of our public housing stock at a knock down price ? So now we have hardly any, and are left paying obscene amounts of money to private landlords - because that’s where housing benefit goes, not to poor working families. There are reasons why the conservatives were unable to win more than a small minority even after 13 years in the wilderness. It’s fairly well known that even the tories hate Cameron because they blame him for not giving them the outright win that they think should have been theirs.

  7. noodles Says:

    With the Budget prospects in mind, would it not have been a good statement to refuse to let the Tories have their conference in Manchester this year?

  8. Ian Says:

    i love jack russels Says

    You seem to have a selective memory yourself did we not have in between those Tory Governmenets you mentioned 13 years of a labour government. I for one remember Gorden brown selling the gold at knock down prices the de-regulation of the banks by Mr Brown. Reference the selling Council homes Mr Blair had a massive majority of 197 and did he stop this or do anything good for the working man a big no.........I remember John reid then labour defence man saying were going in to afganestan and he doubted we would need to fire a shot in anger so right.... its all the Tory fault....

  9. franky Says:

    The tories got elected on a Cameron lie, no top down changes to the NHS, knowing full well what Lansley was doing.

  10. jeanette Says:

    Enormous cuts yet again the final curtain came today on the last round of cuts!! many people that are friends through looking after my children in the nurseries are all set to finish today with no council childcare left in this city no services for the mums like me who have children .Granted a few of the centers are opening up as private nurseries after all being modernised by us the council tax payers money for them to charge us a small fortune to look after our kids.
    Yet you say more and bigger cuts could still be on the cards can you tell me and others mr leese why the council have just splashed out quarter of a million to buy the granada studios old site when things are as bad as you say they are. I await your reply on this one!!

  11. AJ Says:

    Still waiting Jeanette? Don't hold your breath!

  12. Richard Leese Says:

    @Jeanette As I remind readers from time to time this is a blog not a Q&A. If citizens have a question they can either e-mail me directly or if they want the question and reply published they can use the Ask an Executive Member a question bit of the Council web-site. Having said that the City Council has not bought the old Granada Studios site but if we could have got it for £0.25m we would have bitten their hand off



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