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Manchester Most Vibrant

A good news story from yesterday's Financial Times which surprisingly doesn't seem to have been picked up by our local media. Research company Experian have used census and other data to identify Britain's most vibrant urban area and it will be no surprise to those of us that live here that Manchester came out number 1 pushing Kensington, London, the previous number 1 down to second place. The last time this study was done was based on the 2001 census and that the city has jumped from 21st to 1st place is a measure of just how far we have come. Does it matter? Well the reason Experian do this is to and I quote from the FT now "help business identify areas with the most attractive demographic trends". The clear message to business is bring your jobs to Manchester, grow your business in Manchester, start your business in Manchester and that is important.

Talking about bringing jobs, trade, investment and business to Manchester I'm off to Beijing tomorrow although won't be there very long (arrive Sunday, leave Monday, back Tuesday). We will be doing the China end launch of the Manchester-China Forum on Sunday with then a number of meetings centering on Airport City and the objective of getting direct flights from Manchester to China.  An indication of the importance of China - by 2020 around 30% of all German exports will be heading that way. It's already the world's second biggest economy and at current growth rates will inevitably soon be the largest. Part of the Greater Manchester Strategy involves a far more international approach (companies that trade internationally are on average far more productive) with better trade and investment links with China number one priority.

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