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Two Highlights

Much of the week has been spent on business as usual, how we deal with the growth and neighbourhoods budget over the next three years, accommodation for the Manchester Growth Company ( New Economy, Manchester Solutions, Marketing Manchester, MIDAS, the Business Growth Hub ), the Council 's progress on public service reform, government proposals around Syrian refugees, the implications of Healthier Together for Manchester, a session with Mike Kane our new MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, CityCo's business plan and so on. However there were a couple of things outside the norm.

Very special on Monday was the freedom ceremony for the discovers of Graphene, Professors Sir Andre Geim FRS and Sir Konstantin Novoselov FRS, both Nobel laureates. Rightly we don't grant the Freedom of the City often or lightly but it's hard to think of two more appropriate recipients of the city's greatest honour. Like so many of us they are of course immigrants to the city but like so many before them, they have come to Manchester and through their achievements added immeasurably to the greatness of our city.

Yesterday I had a look round the newly refurbished central library. Not quite finished yet though all the books are almost back on the shelves, the building looks magnificent. A lot of the improvements are invisible, like floors that are no longer needing to be held up by the book stacks ( that's not a joke by the way. Prior to the renovation, a fire in the stacks would have led fairly quickly to the whole of the building's interior collapsing ). However many more of the improvements are highly visible, and when the library reopens four weeks today, Manchester citizens are going to be in for a real treat.

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