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Deception, Theft, Murder

Half-term week this week and took a couple of hours off yesterday to take my granddaughter to a dramatic telling of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Met in Bury. Been to gigs there a few times and really like it as a venue and thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's performance. Also been trying to extract some relevance or meaning for today's world out of it, but oppressive tyrant slain by work-shy, get-rich-quick thief is the best I can do, and I'm not sure there's much of a moral in that. Any suggestions?

Meeting today with The Centre for Local Economic Strategies, the Manchester based economic think-tank and consultancy, to discuss a report they produced for Macc (Manchester Alliance for Community Care) on the "civil" economy. The basic premise is a strong one, seeking a greater role for and recognition of the social economy and an approach to the economy that balances growth with environmental and social factors. There is a strong emphasis on social responsibility and community capacity building, a strong economy that everybody can benefit from. Much of this is very compatible with current Council priorities and particularly the developments on public service reform. It also supports the arguments we have been making nationally both with government and opposition for devolved and decentralised place-based and people-centred services as the way to both improve quality of life and reduce the cost to the tax payer

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