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One of the ( many ) advantages of the Council Leader system of local government compared to the elected mayor system is that the Council Leader is also a local councillor and does all the things any local councillor does. So on Monday this week I had a series of meetings related to Crumpsall. The first looked at progress on consultation on a residents parking scheme for the area around North Manchester General Hospital.

The area has become increasingly clogged up by the cars of staff and visitors to the hospital. Residents have been pressing for years for something to be done about it including holding demos in Parkhill Avenue, blocking the road with rubbish bins. Most residents agree there is a problem but getting agreement about a solution is not quite so easy.

This meeting was followed immediately by our Core Group where ward councillors meet with our ward co-ordinator. our locality manager, and our local police inspector to follow up our last ward co-ordination meeting, plan the next one, and discuss current issues regarding neighbourhood management in the ward. That meeting should have been followed by a meeting about a specific housing development in the Cleveland Road/Delaunay's Road part of the ward but that had to be postponed because of sickness.

Later that evening I did the councillors advice bureau. We do one a week on a rota between the three councillors plus one a month at St Peter's in Blackley village but more cases come nowadays by phone or e-mail. Then yesterday another meeting on local issues. This time the use of the Visitor Centre in Crumpsall Park and a question of cricket facilities in the park.

There is no significant difference between the powers of a leader compared to those of an executive mayor, but doing the ward work definitely helps maintain contact with the real world.

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