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New Ground

With the launch of " High Speed 2 : Get Ready " the report of the HS2 Growth Taskforce this morning its tempting to use this post just for that. But I won't. It, along with the Higgins report published on Monday, is important not least because we are now moving past having to make the case for the new North-South rail network ( although some diehards will never be convinced whatever the evidence - see comments on last blog ) to looking how we maximise the economic and social benefits from what should become the new spine of a 21st century integrated national rail network. However other things have happened this week.

Both the Manchester Growth Company and our Strategic Education Partnership met on Tuesday, followed by the Health and Well-being Board on Wednesday. There was an interesting and important report on the board's agenda looking at health and work. Being out of work damages your health, and if you're out of work through ill-health, there's a catch-22 that being out of work often makes your health worse. What we need to do, and it will require an enormous operational and cultural shift, is to make work a health outcome. Prescribing jobs on the NHS might be a bit difficult but that's the sort of direction we need to go in.

Got to mention Central Library which re-opens to the public tomorrow. Prepare to be amazed!

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