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The biggest chunk of yesterday was taken up with the bi-monthly Manchester Airport Holdings board meeting. It's now a year since we joined with infrastructure fund IFM to add Stansted Airport to the group and it has been a very successful year. Performance has exceeded business plan and the ten GM councils ought to be able to look forward to a very healthy return on the investment. Dividend received of course goes straight into Council services and with more austerity cuts on the way, every penny helps. But, as it says in the small print, investments can go down as well as up, so notwithstanding that good twelve months, the board need to ensure that continues well into the future.

Talking about investing in the city's future, three events I attended yesterday are a great example of Manchester using culture as part of regeneration. First was the topping out ceremony for Home, where a sprig of yew is fixed into the highest part of the building. Home is exciting in its own right but without it it's extremely unlikely that the other three buildings currently on site at 1st Street would have been there, or that Number 1 1st Street would be close to being full.

The Art Gallery hosted the launch of Citizen Manchester, an exhibition held jointly with Central Library and a beautiful book celebrating the history, present and future of Central Library and the Town Hall extension. Finally, even further into the future for the launch of this year's FutureEverything festival hosted by the National Football Museum. The Festival is one of the city's signature events bringing together cutting edge art, digital stuff and debate. Given the venue, I couldn't help translating Tuesday night's result into binary. 0 - 11

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