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Thank You Northwards

Will say something about elections later in the week, but want to start with another good news story from a visit I made last week.


Toddled off to visit Yes Manchester on Briscoe Lane in Newton Heath, a facility run by Northwards Housing but used by a whole range of agencies.  Its principle purpose is to help people find work, or to develop the skills for work, and in a short period of time it's been remarkably successful.  It's not the first of its kind in the city, the Works in Moss Side and Ardwick probably hold that distinction, but after less than a years existence, it is already looking at expanding into Cheetwood and Plant Hill, because it works, getting people into training and into employment.  Average daily attendees are creeping up to sixty pd and its not just Northwards tenants.

Worklessness is not the only problem faced by some of the city's neighbourhoods, but it is the single biggest factor adversely effecting quality of life for thousands of residents and it is clear to me that neighbourhood based projects like this have a major role to play in tackling it.  A more eloquent description comes though from centre user Adrian Burke in the form of a poem.

" There's a place just down the road from me,

Where you can do a job search, or complete a CV,

They give helpful advice and also run courses,

They help people find work, using all their resources.


The staff there are willing to go the extra mile,

Greeting us customers with a friendly smile,

Unlike the job centre they'll give you their time,

Hence I didn't mind creating this rhyme.


The staff don't judge you by previous deeds,

They evaluate you by your needs,

They try to help people whose lives are a mess,

So thank you Northwards and the staff at Yes ".



There are 3 responses to “Thank You Northwards”

  1. Tony Says:

    And in public procurement, contractors can be required to work with a named list of agencies such as this one. Joseph Rowntree Foundation published a good report in April with case studies inc Birmingham City Council and Wates on their central library build. Wates director at launch spoke of 17 homeless people helped into employment within scheme.

  2. Ian Says:

    Worklessness the biggest weight around normal families. It saps peoples morale and effects the whole family. Finding work that pays a fair wage should be the goal of all public servants.
    This has to be an intragated plan using the schools in the begining training our youngsters with a rounded education that will give them a feeling of worth giving them an idea that there will be a job or training at the end of their time in school.
    No low paid work funded by the tax payer because the employers do not want to pay a fair wage for a days work.
    Work together with some employers to find their requirements for staff education and skills way would help to raise the skills level of people in the city.

  3. franky Says:

    Bring back proper apprenticeships: I did a 5 year apprenticeship, which gave me jobs all my life.



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