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Keeping us on the move

I travel to and from the Town Hall on my bicycle as often as possible but some days I need to use my car and so know from first hand experience how frustrating it is for people stuck in traffic jams.

So it's no surprise to hear that Manchester's roads are among the most slow moving in Europe. We need to keep the city moving if we want a healthier and wealthier Manchester. We need better public transport and an incentive for people to use it. That's why successful progress for our bid to the Transport Innovation Fund is so important. We want £3 billion to make improvements in public transport supported by a peak-time, Monday to Friday only congestion charge - an appproach that has been shown elsewhere, most notably Stockholm, to be good for health and good for the economy.

New statistics from road analysis website has revealed that Manchester's roads, with an average speed of 17.4mph, are the fourth slowest in Europe, behind only London, Berlin and Warsaw.

We want people to be aware that we constantly need to improve our public transport, including major people movers like Metrolink, now refurbished, back on track and with additional new trams due to arrive in the new year. Customers were very understanding when the recent track improvements were taking place; now we need to get on with expansions and building the new lines.

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