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A meeting this afternoon of the Crumpsall Core Group - the three ward Councillors, our neighbourhood Police Inspector, Ward Co-ordinator, Ward Support Officer, and Locality Manager - largely working through the actions from our last Ward Co-ordination Group meeting, planning the next, and doing any necessary service updates. We had an additional item agenda on today's agenda, Healthier Together, currently the subject of a major consultation across Greater Manchester.

 Although the consultation is about all aspects of health provision, not just hospitals, we have a particular interest as North Manchester General more commonly known as Crumpsall Hospital is in the ward. We had a rep from North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group and the Clinical Director from NMGH to talk with us about the implications of Healthier Together for the hospital. It was I'm pleased to say a very positive story. Already the third busiest A&E in the North West , and the best performing site, we were assured NMGH's position was secure but with its quality enhanced.

Under the proposals 95% of current provision and all of the "local" provision would stay on the site. Although the Healthier Together consultation misleadingly in my view distinguishes between local and specialist hospitals, some "specialist" work, eg that on infectious diseases would stay in Crumpsall. A very exciting proposal, already being put into practice, is the development of NMGH as an integrated community hub, effectively bringing hospital services together with primary care, starting with five GP practices, including I was delighted to hear my own, and involving five GPs working both in the community and on the hospital site.  

Would though have liked to have heard a bit more about the capital investment that is really needed to bring Crumpsall hospital into the 21st century.

The Council Executive meets this Wednesday and will be our first live streamed meeting and it is the intention to stream all future meetings. You can find the link at

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