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Contrasting buildings

A lot happening this week so I'm going to pick out a couple of things today and then a couple more tomorrow.


On Monday I visited the new arts space operated by Castlefield Galleries in Federation House, a former Co-op office building at the junction of Balloon St and Federation St.  As part of the NOMA regeneration activity, the Co-op have allowed them to use the building at a Peppercorn rent until they need it back for redevelopment purposes. Now it's full with artists, eighty I think currently using the building, but not for permanent studio space but rather to do shorter term projects, including exhibitions, that can really benefit from using the large open-plan floors. Over two hundred artists have so far made use of the facility and it is a real hive of innovation and creativity with many different art forms interacting. Art and culture are at the heart of Manchester 's future and Federation House is an opportunity for artistic creativity to flourish in the city.

The next day I went to Hulme to visit MMU's new Birley campus, one of the last major projects in that area's regeneration, a regeneration process now in a third successful decade. The site has an educational background, having previously been the site of Birley High School, which closed in the nineteen eighties when it had virtually no pupils left. I don't think Birley campus is going to have the same problem. The building itself is both enormous and magnificent but the most important thing about it will be the quality of learning it will provide for over five thousand health, social care and education students. The facilities are second to none and will undoubtedly add to MMU's standing as one of the most popular and successful universities in the country.

Importantly though it's not just their students who will benefit. The building sets new standards in environmental sustainability, and MMU are determined that local residents will be able to benefit from the amazing facilities.

Advance notice of a special treat next week. We are proposing to live stream the first half of the normally private Labour Councillors group meeting. The City Treasurer and Deputy City Treasurer are coming along to give a presentation on the budget situation for the next two years, 2015/16 and 16/17, and this will be a chance for everybody to get exactly the same information that Labour Councillors are getting.

7pm, Tuesday 15th September.

There are 5 responses to “Contrasting buildings”

  1. Ian Sawyer Says:

    Talk about contrasting buildings. I invite you to come and view the work that is taking place in Victoria Square. Over 12 months of disturbance. Lots of noise and dust. This week some of us have been told it best to vacate our premises whilst extreme work carries on. And NOT one penny of compensation has been offered. Yet you sit in your posh council offices and driving around in your posh cars. I am sure you would not put up with what we are having to for 12 months and more.

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    Mainly use a bike or public transport and not sure my Honda Jazz ranks as posh. Will raise with your ward councillors

  3. Ian Says:

    While you are at it what about those who live in the middle of the two year building work for the new manchester University Campus and massive bock for rooms not to mention the 500 space car park. They were there today getting it all nice and ready for the students next week cleaning there windows all nice and new. Never mind that across the road our windows cars are covered in muck from the building work. I can't clean mine as they are on the first floor. After two years of distrubtion I got a nice letter from the university saying the university had paid for the resident parking and to be ready for mummy and daddy dropping little Jimmy/Jermimia off this weekend? O the joys of living in Hulme.

  4. FMc Says:

    While Manchester has some wonderful buildings, we do lack green space. There is increasing evidence of the positive effect on crime and mental health for very little investment.
    I urge planners to look at the academic research & take it into consideration when making planning decisions.

  5. F Ives Says:

    Unfortunately MMU don't extend their environmental concerns to their vacated campus.....empty for 6 months and every single light on last weekend. Photos to go social media shortly.



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