Not an exercise in rose-tinted spectacles but a brief canter through some of what I did yesterday. Firstly, our second live-streamed Council Executive with some very substantial items on the agenda, the most significant being action following the inspection of our children's services, but also London Road Fire Station and the condition of the Town Hall. For absence of doubt, we are not going to consider selling or moth-balling the Town Hall, but are looking at the investment required to get it through another 140 years.

Anyway, as always, the agenda is available on line, and should be viewable from our archive. Next, the monthly meeting of our economic review group which included a very positive quarterly economic review from the Chamber of Commerce, and a release from the 2011 census, detailing how many people work in Manchester ( a lot ) and where they come from ( all over ).

A fifteen minute walk to Hulme and the magnificent new MMU Birley Fields campus housing their education and health and social care faculties. This is one of the last building blocks in a Hulme regeneration process that began 24 years ago, and it's hard to imagine a better building, it looks fantastic and is very green, or a better use for this site. Then back to the Town Hall to meet the Mayor of Aarhus and a delegation of Councillors who had come over from Denmark to look principally at how the Greater Manchester Combined Authority was established and how it works, as they develop their own arrangements for their metropolitan area.

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