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Our schools our future

Half-term starts today for most Manchester's secondary schools as they approach the biggest transformation in their history. More than 30 high schools are being rebuilt or refurbished thanks to the government's Building Schools for the Future and Academie

But this transformation is about so much more than bricks and's about giving youngsters skills to help them get jobs in new and thriving industries. Sponsors representing the growth sectors in Manchester's economy are getting involved in the Academies, and children will benefit in fields like ICT, finance, media and building and the Academies will cluster with other schools to make sure that expertise is shared.  We'll soon be appointing principals to oversee the establishment of the new Academies, and in about two weeks the formal consultation process will begin for the proposals to close schools in their current form to be reopened as Academies. Our own website will carry the latest news on all these developments so please have your say.

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