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Making it up

Not talking about the awful financial settlement announced yesterday although making it up could be used as a very accurate description of the government's approach to local government finances. This is about manufacturing.

The Combined Authority met today in Bolton with one of the items for discussion being the endorsement of the Greater Manchester Manufacturing Strategy. Around 120,000 people are still employed in manufacturing in GM. This is of course a lot less than in the past but it is one of our most productive sectors, with output value increasing. Manufacturing gives us real opportunities for international trade and exports and to increase the number of companies and people involved in the sector. The strategy sets out a small number of relative straightforward recommendations which are already being implemented and will help drive economic growth and rebalance the economy.

Earlier in the week I had a real example of manufacturing growth when I went to visit a factory less than twenty minutes walk away from the Town Hall. I was shown around Private White VC's premises by the great grandson of Private White, whose grave in Blackley Jewish Cemetery I visited coincidentally a few months ago. They design, make by hand and sell high end fashion garments and are an expanding business. Their supply chain consists almost entirely of other British businesses and as well as selling online and at a couple of shops in this country they export to Europe, the Far East and North America. Very different from the massive mills of the nineteenth century but very real evidence that manufacturing including textiles is very much still alive and well in the city.

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