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A Night on the Town

Did have one of those on Monday taking advantage of one of the many January sale restaurant offers around and fortunately thousands of others are doing likewise - all year round. Following yesterday's Executive Committee meeting we had our monthly look at the Manchester economy. We had a particular look at three things, youth unemployment initiatives, low carbon development, delivery and investment in Greater Manchester, and the Visitor Economy.

 Visits to the city per year now number over a 100m with around 84,000 jobs depending on them. From 2008 to 2013, that is through the recession, the value of the visitor economy grew from £5.2b to £6.9b per annum. Hotels had their best year ever last year, and around 1000 more rooms are due to come on stream this year. Good job as we are frequently full up with weekend occupancy rates now exceeding mid-week.

 Apart from the direct economic value, the evidence says that having a strong visitor economy also helps drive the overall economy. Not surprising really - it makes sense that people will often want to live and work somewhere that others like to visit. Should be another bumper year this year with the opening of Home, the reopening of the Whitworth, and our 5th Manchester International Festival all amongst the many reasons to come to Manchester .


There are 2 responses to “A Night on the Town”

  1. Truth2Power Says:

    Seems to have gone a bit quiet here, gov. Shall we call it a night? My feet are freezing.

  2. Mcr Rez Says:

    Sorry for entering my comments a bit late, however I wanted to raise my concerns about the perception of the city centre specifically in regards to cleanliness, the high volume of litter (not just on main streets but back streets), dirt and grime, cigarette butts, commercial waste strewn all over the floor and the associated waste from the many homeless/beggars in the city.

    For what proposes to be a world class city, it has a world class problem. Ive visited a number of the large UK and European cities and I have to say, Manchester is if not THE dirtiest, its a close second.

    Its a real shame that all the work gone into developing the city centre and promotion of manchester into a major european centre, that basics like keeping the streets litter free arent maintained.

    If you are after a night out on the town, be sure to wear your wellies....



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