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This morning was entirely occupied with Health and Social Care matters, starting with a development session for Health and Well-being board members built around the Locality Plan. There was a fairly detailed report on today's H and WB Board agenda today for those who are interested, but this is a key document describing how health and social care commissioners and service providers are going to work together as a basic building block of the devolution progress.

This is a very fast moving area and a further report will come to the Health and Well Being Board later in the year which I hope will demonstrate an enormously collaborative approach to how we significantly improve health outcomes in the city over the next five years.

The development session was followed by the H and WB Board itself which can be viewed online on the Council's website. Straight from that to a lunch meeting with the French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann, the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (600 companies in membership ), Estelle Brachlianoff, along with the members of a Trade Delegation they were leading to the city. There are some 4000 French citizens living in Manchester and a fair number of French/partially French owned companies and near Europe including France are still our biggest trading partners. This was their first mission to Manchester but will hopefully lead to increased trade and investment in both directions.

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