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Shared Agendas

Taking advantage of the long train journey from Cardiff to Manchester to do a second blog post for today which should put me in credit for next week when I might find it more difficult.

Core Cities UK held their cabinet meeting in Cardiff today, the first meeting we have had in Wales and this follows Cardiff joining Core Cities last year. The meeting opened with the Welsh Government's Finance Minister talking to us about their approach to devolution and the city deal they and the Cardiff City region are negotiating with the UK government. Cardiff and Glasgow joined Core Cities in part to lever what is happening regarding devolution in England , but it was clear from this morning's conversation that because of Welsh devolution there are things Cardiff can do that we can't.

We also had an interesting discussion with representatives from the arts councils from England , Scotland and Wales ( Cardiff lead on culture for the Core Cities) and we plan to do some joint work with them on cities, culture and economic growth, but also on how the arts can contribute to public service reform and our social and economic inclusion agenda. Economic inclusion is an area where we agreed to do a major piece of work over the next twelve months, working with strong, credible and independent partners to produce something of similar weight to last year's Cities Growth Commission report.

I'm not going to go through the entire agenda, but one other item of note was a paper that Nottingham had agreed to bring forward looking at City Centre management. All the cities have similar problems around chugging, over amplified music and speakers, pedlars, begging etc, etc and we have agreed to set up a task and finish group to compare practice on what works and to identify what legislative changes we might need to ensure that our city centres retain their vibrancy but where people can enjoy them without being hassled every few minutes.


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