Saving Lives

The highlight of this morning was going down to the University of Manchester campus to take part in an attempt to break the world CPR relay record. This involved being trained how to do CPR and then every participant doing sixty pumps in the relay itself with every change over having to be no more than five seconds. A bit of fun with very serious intent behind it and by the end of today I might even be a world record holder.

Cardio/vascular conditions are still the biggest killer in this country and its not just older people. On average twelve people aged under thirty five die each week from heart attacks. For anybody suffering a heart attack CPR within three or four minutes increases survival rates by 50%. Also had a chat with NW Ambulance service who are trying to map every defibrillator across the region, so if you've got one let them know.

Before that I went to a Low Carbon Literacy breakfast at Druckers in the Arndale Centre. The attendees were a group of senior managers/executives from a range of organisations and the discussion was all about what our own organisations can do to reduce their carbon footprint. An important part of Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan is the recognition that all of us can do something to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and if we don't, the city will not meet its reduction target.

Later in the morning, Jim McMahon ( Leader of Oldham but wearing his GMCA Transport portfolio holder hat ) and myself ( wearing my Association of Northern Transport Authorities hat ) met with Andrew Gwynne MP along with a couple of his constituents who are looking to establish new rail services running from Stockport through South Reddish and Denton and then through Victoria Station. Currently these stations have one service a week running in one direction only, not very useful, and the areas around are generally poorly served by public transport. Consensus was a decent rail service was a really good idea and Network Rail will now do a little bit of work to confirm the technical feasibility before we move on to see if it is possible to commission the services.

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