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Mind the Gap

Want to use this post to draw as many people's attention as possible to a report on tomorrow's Executive Committee agenda talking about the Council's budget for 2016/17 and subsequent years.

By this time last year we had already published all the budget options that had been put forward for consideration and had set out a detailed consultation, scrutiny, and decision making timetable. This report tries to explain why we have not done the same this year. Essentially, we have such little certainty about what the financial settlement for next year might be, that any attempt at budgeting would be a complete shot in the dark and we don't want to be winding people up unnecessarily.

We should get some clues about future financial prospects when the government publishes its comprehensive spending review at the end of this month but we don't expect to get much real detail this side of Christmas. However we will still need to have a recommended budget by mid-February and we do want to have the sort of level of public involvement we had last year. That means a very busy January and tomorrow's report is amongst other things an attempt to give advance notice of that.

There are 3 responses to “Mind the Gap”

  1. Not fool Says:

    So it looks like all the cosying up up to Osborne and Cameron at the Town Hall has been a bit of a waste of surprise there.
    You seemingly can't get any financial info out of the government with regards to future budget plans,leading to what looks like a rather undignified post Christmas panic-but yet despite all this you still seemingly trust them to stick to their part of the bargain with the "Northern powerhouse" soundbites,rather than the reality of them just using your passive co-operation to devolve further destructive cuts for you to deal with?
    A Labour council like Manchester should never,ever fall into the trap of bargaining with a hatchet wielding Tory chancellor,hell bent on trashing the public sector,selling off everything he can get his hands on,attacking the working poor and the rights of trade should all be fighting their ruinous austerity policies at every turn,rather than meekly towing their line in the hope of somehow slipping under the radar and being "left to get in with it"'s just not going to happen while the Tories are in charge.Ever.

  2. David Says:

    Not sure how the Goverment can expect another 29% over the length of this Parliement not to effect those most needing help from this council.

    Not sure how the council can stand another round of savage cuts this time i feel the front line will have to suffer.
    A 2% rise in council tax to pay for the social care that central government should be paying for is passing the burden to explain to the public why their council tax is going up.

    Also the issue of giving LA the running of the local health budgets will just go and to show that in the public eyes any further increase in council tax to fund this will be again seen as a wasteful LA taxing the poor again.

  3. reeva Says:

    'Not Fool' is absolutely correct. In fact 'The Northern Powerhouse' is, as far as the Tories are concerned, a poisoned chalice which will be passed to Northern Local Authorities and when it crashes, the Tories will lay the blame with those Local Authorities.
    Having just delivered an Autumn Statement, based on nothing more than some iffy financial forecasting, they are happy to gamble the future of the vast majority of the population, just as long as London and their friends in the City are safe. Very worrying indeed.



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