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No Decisions until February

The next stage of our budget setting process gets underway this week with every Scrutiny Committee receiving a report on the first stage of a three stage budget consultation and on the process that will get us to final decisions on the budget in March next year.

We are proposing to take up an " offer " from government for a four year settlement which allows us to consider a three year budget 2017-20. The settlement means this will be yet another cuts budget, adding to the five years of Coalition cuts, but on the plus side it would give us certainty and stability up to the next General Election. We will also be challenging government to put its money where the Prime Minister's mouth is and, if she wants a fairer Britain, to use the Chancellors Autumn statement to give Manchester a fairer deal including addressing the chronic underfunding of adult care and the national backlog in highway maintenance ( amongst other things ).

The first stage of the budget consultation asked Manchester people what was important to them. The next stage is to set out what the City Treasurer thinks our financial prospects are - currently a budget gap by year three of £60m, but, in a situation of much uncertainty, within a range of £40-£75m. We will of course be looking between now and March to narrow that gap, but reports published later today will set out options from Council officers as to how we might if needs be cut the budget by these sorts of amounts.

Councillors have not yet debated these options or made any decisions on them and the first stage for elected members will be for the options to be scrutinised publicly at November's round of Scrutiny committees in the context of the consultation so far and on their impact on delivering the our Manchester strategy. We will also be asking the public for what they think.

The Executive will publish a draft budget in January which will be subject to further consultation and will make a decision in February on the budget it will recommend to the budget Council meeting in March. Lots of time to get involved so please do.

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