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Prevention Better Than Cure

Popped into my GP's surgery on Wednesday afternoon for the flu jab clinic. Had my very painless jab but was surprised that take up from people eligible for a free jab was only about 65% so clearly work to do in promoting a very simple preventative measure. I also accepted the offer of a pneumonia jab. Didn't know there was such a thing but unlike flu which needs repeating every year, the pneumonia jab only has to be had once and protects against something like 23 different forms of the illness. There is a short-term downside of the jab, a swollen arm and a couple of days of flu like symptoms but worth it for a life time of protection.

Last Friday of the month and so Combined Authority day which starts as always with the Health and Social Care Devolution and Integration Strategic Partnership Board. There's been a lot of controversy recently about NHS sustainability and transformation plans (STP), in many places prepared in secret, not published, and with local authorities complaining of being excluded from the process.

That is definitely not the case in Greater Manchester. Our STP is our devolution and integration plan, Taking Charge. It was prepared jointly between health and local authority partners, was discussed in public, and was published in December last year (before STPs had been even thought of). Devolution is already bringing us many positives and that includes greater transparency, today's meeting is as always live-streamed, and greater partnership working including genuine joint planning and joint delivery.



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