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The State We're In

Full Council on Wednesday which began with two presentations, both available to see on catch-up on the Council web-site.

The first was by colleagues from the Cancer Research Centre in Withington, something I've already blogged about so I'll just repeat two key messages, don't smoke and don't use sun beds!

The second was on this year's State of the City report. This is the final report on our last ten year strategy and so covers the whole ten year period rather than just the past year. Overall the data tells a largely positive story about the progress we have made. It also puts the lie to those accusations that some people like to make, that the Council is only interested in big schemes. Whether it's educational standards, people in work or most of the other social indicators in the report, we have taken great strides forward over the past ten years and even in a recession reduced deprivation in the city. Progress is less pronounced in some areas, for example life expectancy, and what is absolutely the case is that we still have a long way to go.

This State of the City report effectively draws a line under the old Manchester Community Strategy. The next ten years' plans are based on Our Manchester, our new ten year strategy and from next year the State of the City report will be giving a warts and all account of how we are doing against a new performance framework based on the 64 "we wills" in the Our Manchester document. We can take some confidence from coming through a long, deep recession relatively well and that we are weathering the storms of austerity. That confidence will be important as the post EU referendum world is likely to be even more demanding.

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