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Yesterday Government published the provisional 2017/8 financial settlement for local government.

In the past few weeks the media has been full of news about the crisis in the funding of adult social care, the knock on impact this has on an already under pressure health service, and there was growing pressure on government to provide more money to put services on a long-term sustainable basis. So what did they do?

First of all they have provided no extra money for adult social care. They have cut public health funding which will have a negative effect on preventative work that could reduce the demand on overstretched services. At a national level money for adult care grant has been increased but with new homes bonus being cut by an equal amount. For Manchester the effect of this is an overall cut in funding of around £800,000. By and large, yet again, poorer areas with the highest level of demand lose, more affluent areas like Oxfordshire gain.

We are also being allowed to bring forward the ability to raise Council tax to pay for adult services. In 2017/18 we can raise Council tax by an extra 1%. This will raise £1.3m, around a quarter of the cost to adult service providers of implementing the minimum wage increases alone, never mind the cost of inflation and the demographic pressure caused through the number people with high levels of need increasing. And any benefit from that increase is only temporary as in two years time we would effectively back where we started.

Again a 1% Council tax increase makes most difference in more affluent areas like Surrey. This is not having a go at Surrey or any other area because the social care crisis affects every part of the country. It is though an indictment of government which has not only failed to respond to the crisis but is deliberately making the situation even worse in those parts of the country, like Manchester, with the highest levels of need.

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There are 4 responses to “Shameless”

  1. Chrissie McCall Says:

    Stop blaming the government. If you tightened your belts at MCC and stopped fecklessly spending public money on events, vanity projects, pay rises, and loan repayments, there would be plenty of money freed up

  2. Nigel Says:

    Manchester City Council has lost over 40% of it's funding over the last 5 years. That means less money for social care, less money for roads, less money for everything that a council does to help people. No-one is suggesting the Council is perfect but saying they just need to tighten their belt just makes you seem a bit foolish. By the way I don't work for the council. I work in the voluntary sector.

  3. franky Says:

    what can we expect from the mean Tories!!
    Meanwhile Osborne has gained 1/5 million for rubbish speeches while making poor people poorer!!

  4. ToryBoy Says:

    Erm Surrey, do you mean the same place where Council Tax is set to rise by 15% to cover the shortfall? How about stop investing in "vanity" projects and focus on what is right for residents of Manchester,,,,



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