F for Future

The Executive met today to, amongst other, things approve our draft budget proposals for 2017-20. I have already blogged about these and they are available in full on the Council's website so I'm not proposing to say anymore on them at this point other than to give a reminder that these proposals are still subject to consultation and we would welcome feedback on them. There is one specific aspect I will try and pick up on later in the week but in the meantime I want to go back to Monday.

I had a fascinating meeting early Monday arranged by Lou Cordwell of Magnetic North with Lou and Debbie Wosskow about Allbright. Allbright's objective is to support (lots) more female entrepreneurs. Debbie is an entrepreneur, her mother was an entrepreneur and her grandmother was an entrepreneur. That makes all three of them fairly unusual as, at least in comparative terms, there aren't that many women entrepreneurs about. Only 10% of global venture capital goes to companies with at least one female founder even though women led start-ups achieve a 35% higher return on investment than those started by men. The rate of female led start-ups in the USA is twice that in the UK and if the rate for women was the same as that for men here we would have 150,000 more new companies. Debbie is determined to do something about that and the more Manchester can do to help her achieve her objectives the better it will be, not only for our economy and for jobs in the city, but also for all the talent that is currently going to waste. 

Later in the day I travelled down to Coventry to speak to the Politics Society at the University of Warwick (about the way forward for Labour). As far as Warwick is concerned this was a bit of a change of subject for me. Although I studied there as an undergraduate, when I graduated 44 years ago it was in Pure Mathematics not Politics. The meeting was organised jointly with Warwick Labour students and I must confess I was a little surprised by how well attended it was. It was great to see a room full of young people wanting to discuss politics and asking some pretty tough questions too - and at 6pm on a Monday evening. A bit different to my student days but definitely cause for some optimism for the future.

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