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We've all been there. Home delivery, no specified time slot, and a day of waiting. Has given me a chance to catch up with some paperwork though that's just set me thinking about what we call paperwork when most of it is no longer on paper.

I managed to fill in questionnaires online on all three of our Clinical Commissioning Groups as part of the 360degree vision element of their annual review and can look forward to only being asked to do one next year when they have all merged. I've also cleared a chunk of emails of the non junk variety but still have a bit of a backlog so sorry anybody who's waiting for a reply?

This week is Scrutiny week and I had a number of items on the Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee's agenda. First up was their consideration of the Council's draft budget but this was fairly short as the Executive had taken on board all of the comments they had made back in December. Rather longer was spent on HS2, Transport for the North and Northern Powerhouse Rail with questioning ranging from certainty about the legislative process through skill and employment prospects to the consultation about ventilation and access shafts as the trains race though the tunnel to be built way below the city.

There was an update on Corridor Manchester where again access to jobs for a Manchester people was a strong line of enquiry. Here there is a really good story to tell about the Works, which has helped thousands of local people into employment particularly at the two Universities and the central Manchester hospitals. The last item in my portfolio was a report back from the European City of Science/ European Science Open Forum team on what had been a tremendously successful year.

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