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Drowning in Paper

Nowadays as likely to be drowning in PDFs and Word files as real paper but the effect is the same.

One part of my role that is never much fun is the amount of reading that has to be done, sometimes in relatively short periods of time. I've spent probably two thirds of yesterday reading, questioning, in some cases amending, and finally approving around a dozen different reports. Most of them were papers for next week's Greater Manchester Combined Authority and related to my economic and Northern transport portfolio there. They included a draft for further consultation of an updated Greater Manchester Strategy, the third version I've seen in the last seven days, the proposed response to HS2's phase 2 route proposals, three reports on the Government's Growth fund settlement, the one on the proposed International Screen School Manchester being a particularly exciting proposal, the monthly Brexit monitor report, Tameside transport interchange, and more, that in my mind have now all merged into one.  

The very lengthy minutes of the last Council Executive had to be cleared as the budget parts go to the Council's Resources and Governance Committee for scrutiny next week. There was a report for Economy Scrutiny on the results of the annual Greater Manchester business survey carried out by the Manchester Growth Company, and, in my capacity as Chair of the Local Government Association's City Regions Board, there was a draft LGA response to the government's " Improving Lives: The work, health and disability Green Paper " to comment. On this last, there is nothing in the Green Paper at all to suggest government has learnt anything from previous failures and the need for joined up, place-based approaches, so consequently, unless their thinking changes a hell of a lot, there won't be much life improvement taking place. All the GMCA papers were due to be published yesterday tea time and four of them only arrived in my inbox during the course of the day. At least a load of computer files on a tablet are easier to carry around than the equivalent in paper.

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