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Fibre Fast Future

A meeting this morning with David Higgins, Chair of HS2 Ltd, a project that is now thankfully, eight years from its inception, getting under way on the ground, reminded me of last week's Combined Authority held at a recently refurbished Wigan Town Hall. Lots of interesting stuff on the agenda but wanted to draw attention to the Local Growth Fund project to develop an International Screen School.

Not sure about the name which might be misinterpreted as being just about film and TV, but this project, developed in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, is a really exciting proposal to enhance digital skills in Greater Manchester, supporting what is already a major centre for creative media and digital industries. Manchester Met already has a great track record in recruiting local students, and the project establishes links with Manchester and Salford Colleges to increase the opprtunities for GM people. Skill shortages are holding back growth in the sector and although the International Screen School alone won't solve that, it will make serious inroads and give Manchester's digital industries another usp. 

Stayed in Wigan for an hour after the meeting for a tour of the Be Wigan Experience, an immersive training experience for Wigan Council staff. That makes it sound very hi-tec and expensive which it isn't. It didn't cost much at all to put together and the journey through the experience is led by ordinary (maybe that should be extraordinary) Wigan Council staff trained as hosts. Our hosts were Michaela and Rob, contagiously enthusiastic, who showed how they were improving the delivery of front-line and support services and service management by developing an understanding of the part all staff could play in building a better Wigan. The Our Manchester Experience is on its way!

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There are 6 responses to “Fibre Fast Future”

  1. Ann Hartigan Says:

    It would appear that your blogs prompt very little response from people in the community. Perhaps you should consider their effectiveness and focus your time elsewhere?!
    As Leader of the Council do you think people expect this level of intimate communication or rather the positive demonstration of policy and results? It reads like an extract from Adrian Mole's diary, age .......please add the appropriate number!

  2. Bill Says:

    @Ann I for one find the blogs generally informative and I don't imagine Sir Richard is neglecting any important duties for the few minutes it would take to write them. Most uncontrovertial topics won't generate comments, snarky or otherwise, but that doesn't mean nobody's reading...

  3. Mr X Says:

    I concur with Bill.

  4. Interested Manc Says:

    I appreciate the blogs and acknowledge them as an attempt to give a personal perspective on what is going on across the City.

    Ann Hartigan's comments are an example of the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" mentality and the idea that the blog is offered as part of a trade off where other more important things are being sidelined is very strange- they are snippets that have captured the attention and I for one welcome them. The comments when the blog dries up (which it does from time to time) always express regret rather than good riddance.

    What would it say about the Leader of the Council if he didn't share his thoughts with the population he serves?

  5. Ian Says:

    Love the insight the leader gives to his daily work load.
    Long may it carry on.

  6. Kong Says:

    Yeah Ann!! If you don't want to read them then go and do something else. Maybe the 30 seconds or so that it takes you to read these blogs could be used more effectively and focused elsewhere!



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