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The General Election is over which means I can return to blogging although, after a quite remarkable night, it might not be too long before we have another general election, and as a consequence another period of purdah.

It is probably not too much of a surprise that Manchester returned five Labour MPs but the size of their majorities will have raised a few eyebrows. Notwithstanding different views about the outcome of the election, the massive increase in participation by younger people must be seen as a massive boost to our electoral system.

I cannot restart the blog without talking about the appalling events of May 22nd. Twenty two lives tragically lost to a terrorist suicide bomb and a city still sharing the grief of the families and friends of the deceased,and a city still wishing speedy recovery to all the injured.

At the same time Manchester has shown its strength and its defiance and a belief that by bringing all our communities together, by getting on with living our lives in the way we want to, we can ensure that the murderers don't win. Of course, the events in London compound our anger and our grief, but we owe it to all the victims to guarantee that terrorism does not destroy our way of live nor destroy a system, demonstrated yesterday, where we change government through the ballot box, not through violence or corruption.

Thousands of people from police officers to pop stars have helped us get through the last couple of weeks. At the some point we need to look as a city as to how we recognise and thank people for what they have done. We will also need to think over the coming months how we permanently remember those killed in the worst incident in Manchester any of us can remember.

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