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This morning Council Deputy Leader Bernard Priest gave a verbal report to our Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee on what the Council is doing, working with the Fire Service, in the aftermath of the dreadful Grenfell Tower Fire, to ensure all the tower blocks in the city are safe, that residents and workers are reassured, and clear advice is given on what to do in the event of a fire.

This will be followed by a detailed report to next week's Executive Committee. All public sector stock is already being checked and we are writing to the owners of all private sector blocks to ask them to do likewise. Work done so far has already raised two causes for concern, de-regulation of planning that allows the conversion of office buildings into residential without having to go through a full planning process and even more importantly the ability of developers to use private building control companies rather than the local council.

The Grenfell Fire comes on the back of a number of awful events including three murderous terrorist attacks here and in London, and an extremely nasty EDL demonstration here in the city. However we have also seen an enormous number of positive events, events that bring people together across barriers of age, religion, ethnicity and background. There were thousands of great get together celebrations over the last weekend, held in honour of murdered MP Jo Cox, and reminding us that there is more that unites than divides us. And on Sunday we had yet another stunning Manchester Day parade full of imagination and life and involving people and communities from across Greater Manchester. Tens of thousands turned out to watch and from St.Anne's Square to Cathedral Gardens the city was full of life and that defiant spirit we have shown to the world

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