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Not surprisingly the Council remains preoccupied with building safety, getting materials tested, making sure they complied with regulation and were fitted correctly, making sure buildings are safe including any necessary remedial work, and reassuring residents. As I indicated last week, there will be a full update on the agenda of this week's Executive Committee

Notwithstanding the priority being awarded to this work, as last week saw the first round of Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings this municipal year, I thought I should say something about a series of Delivering Our Manchester reports presented and discussed last week.

This was the second time each member of the Council Executive has had to produce a report for the most appropriate Scrutiny Committee to their portfolio setting out in summary what they had been doing over the previous six months, and on this occasion adding priorities for the next 12 months. All the reports are available on the Council's website, including mine, which went to Economy Scrutiny.

This is Scrutiny so Executive Members were also questioned on their reports. If you want to see how tough the questioning was and how well the questions were answered, all of the sessions are available to see and hear from the streaming option, again on the Council's website. The aim of all of this is both transparency and accountability so would be delighted to get reader feedback.

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