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Party Skills for the End of the World

Friday 7th July, 2017

That's not a reference to the current state of national politics in the UK but the title of one of the many extraordinary shows in the Manchester International Festival 2017. The Festival has just reached the half way point but has already enhanced its reputation for innovation, inventiveness and quality. Tickets are still on sale for the second week and there is a lot of free stuff as well.
I try to see as much of the Festival as possible, not least to see what the Council is getting for its investment in it, but there is still work to be done.
On Tuesday, we "borrowed" the Festival Theatre for a standing room only launch of the updated Internationalisation Strategy for Greater Manchester. This is about how we grow exports, inward investment, inbound tourism, international students, international co-operation around for example high-level research, and still attract the best skills from around the world to Manchester.. The tourism industry alone supports almost 100,000 jobs in GM. Manufacturing (still) many more and companies that export are on average far more productive than those which don't. The work in this area is vital to our economic future and for jobs, not made any easier by the challenges of Brexit.
Employment Services and Skills provision in this country is a mess. Eight government departments and agencies operating over twenty different programmes, spending £10.5b excluding their own costs, often on different boundaries and with different accountabilities. On Wednesday I went down to the Local Government Association's annual conference to launch on behalf of the LGA, Work Local, our vision for an integrated, devolved employment and skills service commissioned locally by ( in GM's case ) the Combined Authority. There is no longer any excuse for fragmented, silo-ed national programmes. Work local would get more people into work and give better value for money - a win for everybody.


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  1. Ahmed Nurein Says:

    There are over 10,000 Taxi and Private Hire traders in Manchester driving our community, tourists & students to and from their respective destinations. We saw many engaging themselves to support Manchester during the aftermath of MEN.

    We would like to offer more to our local community if given that opportunity. Thank you.



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