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The Deep South

Otherwise known as Wythenshawe. Went down to Etrop Court in the town centre yesterday to join a South Neighbourhood Team meeting and had a really good hour with them. Geographically they cover a pretty big chunk of the city, stretching from Whalley Range and Fallowfield south to the Cheshire East border, so even in a good hour they only had time to give me a few snapshots of their work, whilst at the same time, leaving a good chunk of time for discussion.

The presentation covered  work with BW3, Wythenshawe's business network organisaton, looking at their sixth form mentoring project, now up to 54 mentors and with hard evidence that they improve outcomes for the young people they work with, and their Street Advice project. We then moved further North to talk about the Whalley Rangers, a great example of community-led activity making a difference to fly-tipping and moving on now to recycling.
Then to Fallowfield/Withington looking at multi-agency work making a marked improvement on some of the problems caused by studentification, and delighted to see students themselves becoming part of the solution. Finally back to Wythenshawe for more multi-agency work, this time trying to drive out rogue traders in the airport car parking market. Very impressive team, full of energy and ideas and a genuine commitment to our Manchester.
I can't finish this post without referencing Wednesday's extraordinary Council meeting (available to view on the Council's website). This was full Council's first opportunity to pay our respects to the families of those so cruelly murdered on the night of May 22nd, and to the so many injured, and to the hundreds of people involved in the response. It was a very moving and emotional meeting but I hope done in a way to bring some comfort to the families and a way that Manchester can be proud of.
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  1. franky Says:

    What has happened to no parking on pavements???



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