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In to last week now. The Executive met on Wednesday but I'm not going to dwell on that. As always the reports are available on the Council website as is the facility to watch a recording of the live feed.

The day before that I attended part of the Homelessness Partnership Board. The year before, at the launch of the Homelessness Charter, I, on behalf of the City Council, had made a number of pledges, and the Bishop of Manchester as Chair of the Board, asked all of us that had made pledges to report on what we had done about them. As well as attending I also submitted a short paper but I am expecting a comprehensive report to the next Executive setting out what the Council with partners has done, is doing and will do to address a problem that is getting worse not better.
On the Monday I was interviewed along with Bev Craig, the Executive Member for Health and Care, by two of the CQC ( Care Quality Commission ) team that are carrying out a review across a number of local authorities centred around hospital admissions and delayed discharge. This wasn't an inspection but we should get some useful feedback when they report in December. At the end of the week, I chaired a meeting of our Safeguarding Accountability Board bringing together relevant Councillors and Officials to review the monthly scorecards for both Children's and Adult Care services, along with lessons to be learnt from Serious Case Reviews.
In the middle of the week I went down to London and ( a fairly unpleasant ) Kensington Olympia for MIPIM(UK), an offshoot of the annual property and development market held each spring in Cannes. Manchester had a joint stand with Liverpool put together by Marketing Manchester but I was there to speak at a number of panel events looking at amongst other things Northern Powerhouse and prospects for real estate over the next few years. The final session was done jointly with Joe Anderson, the Mayor of Liverpool, to a packed room, delivering a powerful message of cities collaborating for mutual benefit. Liverpool last week and Leeds the week before.
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  1. Mr P J Lowe Says:

    Dear Sirs
    Having been born in Salford spending most of my life working in Manchester , I am 63 year old , I have to say I am going to stop coming , the amount of people begging is out of control and nothing seems to happening to sort the problem . I was in the city New Year's Eve ,with people on corners or doors way asking for money will some one please sort this problem out and save our Once great city !!!!



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