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Castlefield - History Being Made

Friday 10th November 2017.    
Was in Castlefield twice this week and had at least one meeting Castlefield related. Indeed Wednesday started with the Factory Strategic Board which is overseeing the most exciting cultural development anywhere in the country. That was followed later in the morning for my first trip of the week to the Museum Of Science and Industry where I sit on their Advisory Board. The museum has really come on under the auspices of the Science Museum Group and future plans for this sprawling historic site, which include physical linkages to the Factory next door, will put it at the heart of telling the Manchester story and how the city changed, and is changing, the world.
I was back at the museum the following day to see a bit of new history being made with the launch of the now completed Ordsall Chord, linking Victoria and Piccadilly stations for the first time and creating the opportunity to significantly improve Northern Rail Services. As well as serving a purpose, it also looks fantastic, a landmark linkage spanning the boundary between Manchester and Salford. Train services will start to cross the chord next month, although we won’t see the full benefit without improvements to both Oxford Road and Piccadilly.
This end of the City will be increasingly a destination for visitors from around the world. A “ new “attraction is now the grade 1 listed Stevenson bridge, part of the world’s first passenger railway. I don’t think it has been visible since the nineteenth century but is now revealed in its full glory, its northern face anyway. Much of the area around the museum will be transformed over the next few years adding to what is already a very strong community. The heady mixture of old and new will guarantee that Castlefield will have at least as big a part in the city’s future as it has had, for two thousand years, in its past.
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  1. Not obsessed with property development Says:

    MOSI is in a state. Tired displays, the Air and Space hall set to close, the historic rail connection permanently cut off, the whole place has an air of malaise. The focus of your blog entry appears to view MOSI as a property asset and glorified gateway to The Factory rather than a museum (typically for MCC some might say). The board need to put some serious attention and resources into the bread and butter of running a museum and help it tell the globally significant story of Manchester in a really inspiring way that appeals to international tourists as well as bus loads of school trips.

    The whole place needs a shake up and some fresh impetus because at present it’s letting the city down.



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