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Revolution at MOSI

One of the most impressive events at our inaugural International Festival this summer was The Pianist, the story of a Jewish musician living in hiding from the terrors of the Nazis.

Unquestionably, a major part of The Pianist's success was the setting in the evocative historic warehouses of the Museum of Science and Industry. Everyone in the audience was asking: how can we use these buildings more?

Today I'm at the launch of a revolution for MOSI. They've been consulting with staff, visitors and stakeholders to come up with a series of plans that will break down the physical and cultural barriers which currently stop some people having full access to their magnificent collections.

MOSI is actually already incredibly popular but the new look will involve a transparent membrane which will improve sustainability, shade in summer and retain heat in winter. And like the Co-op tower, there will be photo-voltaic cells to help convert sunlight into electricity to power the building.

All this fits in with the positioning of the city overall - innovative, environmentally friendly and internationally significant. MOSI - particularly in the Science Alive gallery - provides inspiring exploration of science and industry, and I'd like to think it engages minds to learn more, helping people to better jobs and lives.

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