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A series of meetings today starting with discussions about city centre developments.

Only 15 years ago Manchester had a central core that was virtually deserted after 6pm. Now there are so many people living here, it's a non-stop whirl of activity - what being a 24-hour city really means.

Next, to Manchester Airport to discuss their half-yearly report and the business prospects for the airport group next year [Bournemouth and East Midlands airports, both part of the group, are both experiencing very rapid growth and are turning out to be a really good investment for Manchester]. Back to the Town Hall to be interviewed by the BBC about Tony Wilson, sadly missed by all of us. Then to a budget meeting - we want to keep any increase in next year's council tax at or below the rate of inflation - we've done this successfully for 8 years now and over that time our Council tax has gone from being one of the highest in the country to, according to the Times, the fourth lowest average Council Tax bill in the country.

Finally, I attend our annual Lord Mayor's reception and this year it has a twist. Our current Lord Mayor Glynn Evans is a Star Wars fan and for the evening, he is accompanied by two Storm Troopers. They add a bit of quirky fun to an event whose main purpose is to say a seriously big thank-you to lots of people who go the extra mile in helping our city develop towards its world-class aspirations including each year three different community activists from each of the 32 wards in the city.

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