Christmas Council

It's our full council meeting today - the last time all 96 councillors get together in 2007.

Three hours of debate on a range of issues covering all the services we deliver to the people of Manchester. We've taken some brave decisions as a Council this year. We've set up the inaugural Manchester International Festival, which got great media coverage around the world and put us on the map for innovative ground-breaking culture; and we've relaunched the well-known G-Mex as Manchester Central, destination of choice for the UK's top conferences. We've formalised the process to transform secondary schools into Academies, linked up with private sector partners to give youngsters the skills they need to win jobs of the future. And we're pushing forward on a range of green issues too, with extra funding from the government to look at unusual solutions to tackle climate change. All these issues will help drive the city forward in 2008 and the future.

Today we also pass two important motions - one endorsing the Daily Mirror campaign for the creation and award of a medal and citation to all personnel of the Armed Forces killed or injured in action or active service. And another backing the campaign to eliminate single-use carrier bags. We support those campaigners who want to make this a carrier-bag free city. They need re-usable alternatives instead.

We finish the meeting by wishing each other Season's Greetings.  Only 18 days to go.

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