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Cardboard (boxes and packaging)

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    Cardboard (boxes and packaging)

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  3. Which bin?

    Blue recycling bin or bag

  4. What to do. . .

    All cardboard can be recycled in your blue bin or bag (even small pieces). This includes cereal or food boxes, loo roll and the tubes you get inside cling film or foil, cardboard outer wrappers on food can all be recycled.

    Larger boxes and cardboard packaging should be flattened and if they don't fit in your bin or bag, leave at the side of the bin or bag on your next collection day or you can take them to your local tip.

    Make sure you remove any polystyrene or plastic packaging from inside boxes.

  5. Order a new bin

    Order a new bin or bag

  6. Find your nearest tip (HWRC)

    There are three Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tips) in Manchester. Find your nearest HWRC Centre (tip)

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