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Yogurt pots (and tubs from desserts etc)

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    Yogurt pots (and tubs from desserts etc)

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  3. Which bin?

    Grey bin

  4. What to do. . .

    Try and re-use them - they make excellent plant pots and paint or glue pots.

    The only plastic we can recycle at the moment are plastic bottles this is because the processing facility that we send our plastic bottles to won't accept anything else. Even if it's the same type of plastic as your bottles or has the recycling symbol on it - if it isn't bottle-shaped, don't put it into your brown bin or box. Other types of plastic such as yoghurt pots, food trays, margarine tubs, plastic bags and other plastic containers are made from lower grade plastic or even polystyrene, which means that they cannot be recycled together with plastic bottles.

  5. Order a new bin

    Order a new bin or bag

  6. Find your nearest tip (HWRC)

    There are three Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tips) in Manchester. Find your nearest HWRC Centre (tip)

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