Reliance Street HWRC (Tip), Newton Heath

  1. Address

    Reliance Street, Newton Heath, M40 3EZ

  2. Type of centre

    Large recycling centre - Tip

  3. Opening times

    Due to Coronavirus, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which manages tips in Manchester, has announced limited opening. More information and updates are available from Recycle for Greater Manchester.

  4. Telephone number

    0161 688 0370

  5. What you can recycle

    Due to Coronavirus, full services are not yet in place. Please visit the Recycle for Greater Manchester website for the latest details on what currently can be recycled. 

    Normally you can recycle the following:
    Batteries, Cans, Cardboard, Cell Batteries, Computer Monitors, Fluorescent Tubes, Fridge/Freezer, Gas Bottles, Glass, Garden Waste, Non Ferrous Scrap, Oil, Paper, Plastic Bottles, Rubble, Scrap Metal, Textiles, TVs, Tyres, Wood

  6. More information

    If you live in Manchester you can use Reliance Street Recycling Centre free of charge for waste and recycling from your home. This includes waste from normal day-to-day household activities and DIY projects.

    Any waste produced by tradespeople or builders you hired to carry out improvements, repair or alterations to your home is classed as business waste and can’t be disposed of at any of our Recycling Centres. Always ask a tradesperson to include waste disposal in their quote.

    Vehicles are monitored to make sure the Recycling Centres are only being used for household waste. Action will be taken against any tradespeople or builders found to be using the Recycling Centres for business waste.

    Please check the traffic in the area before setting off.

  7. Location

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